“Medicom MTD” Ltd.

“Medicom MTD” Ltd. has been operating in the field of software development and information technology for more than 30 years, creating and producing high-tech medical equipment - hardware and software systems for functional diagnostics, neurophysiology and rehabilitation:

  • stationary, portable (telemetric) electroencephalographs (for long-term autonomous EEG studies - EEG Holter);
  • cardiorespiratory polygraphs for apnea screening;
  • ambulatory and multichannel polysomnographs for sleep laboratories;
  • systems with long-term synchronous video EEG monitoring for differential diagnosis of epilepsy;
  • cerebral function monitors for resuscitation, intensive care units and neonatology;
  • neuromyographs for myographic studies and analysis of evoked potentials;
  • rheographs-polyanalyzers for studying blood circulation parameters;
  • equipment for training and rehabilitation with biofeedback (BFB, biofeedback, neurofeedback);
  • objective psychological analysis and testing system;
  • psychophysiological testing devices;
  • sets for classes of psychological and psychophysiological testing and training with biofeedback;
  • multifunctional mobile systems for sports medicine and scientific research.

“Medicom MTD” is a medium-sized innovative IT enterprise. The high engineering and scientific potential of the employees (the staff includes 6 candidates of technical sciences and 1 candidate of biological sciences, the head is a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences) allowed the company to take its rightful place among the leading developers and manufacturers of high-tech medical computerized equipment with software.

Trademarks of equipment produced by “Medicom MTD”, – “Encephalan”, “Neuromyan”, “REAN”, “Rehacor”, “Egoscop”, “ApnOx” - have gained recognition in many medical institutions in Russia and abroad. For many specialists, our names have already become symbols of medical equipment (Electroencephalographs - “Encephalan”, rehabilitation systems - “Rehacor”, etc.). These devices enjoy a reputation in wide clinical practice as high-tech and reliable products.

The manufactured equipment is widely used in healthcare institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the State of Military Medical Facilities of the Russian Federation, sanatorium and resort institutions, rehabilitation, scientific and research centers. The company worthily presented its latest technological achievements at the largest international medical exhibitions in Russia and abroad - in Moscow, Kiev, Tashkent, Dusseldorf, Istanbul, Dubai, New Delhi, Bombay.

“Medicom MTD” has the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the State Standard of the Russian Federation, state accreditation of an organization operating in the field of information technology, and all manufactured products have the appropriate certificates: Russian, international and CIS countries. There are 12 types of medical equipment registered in Roszdravnadzor of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which are produced in various models and modifications.

Many scientific achievements and original technical solutions obtained in the process of innovative development of the enterprise are protected by certificates and patents of the Russian Federation (patents No. 2219972; No. 2248745; No. 2252692; No. 2289311; No. 51853; No. 2294135; No. 61111; No. 2319444).

The company's products use advanced technical solutions and the most up-to-date electronic components in combination with software digital signal processing. New developments make extensive use of advanced wireless systems on crystal (SoC) and systems “in package” (SiPs), which enable the implementation of advanced wearable devices that are well equipped to support the machine learning (ML) algorithms required to process huge amounts of data and quickly identify health anomalies. Low-power wireless technologies expand the potential of solutions for health monitoring and solving problems in the field of psychophysiology.
The company has a full project cycle, including circuit design, software and microprogram design and modeling, as well as the development of modern user software and methodological support for various applications in various subject areas. Information technologies are widely used to manage the design and creation of new hardware and software systems.

The production uses machines with numerical control (3- and 4-axis milling machines), a CNC machine for laser cutting and engraving. The software and design department, using powerful 3D modeling software, provides a high level of design of cabinet products for their reproduction with modern 3D printers of various types. Modern injection molding machines are also used for the production of body parts from plastics, and for the production of small-scale plastic parts, the company widely uses prototyping methods and has at its disposal 4 installations for vacuum casting of polyurethanes into silicone molds. For the production of packaging, a thermal vacuum forming unit is used.

The installation of electronic components on multilayer printed circuit boards with high packing density is carried out using a robotic line. To carry out acceptance tests of products and systems, the enterprise operates its own testing laboratory.